10 queer events you should sashay to in 2020!

10 queer events you should sashay to in 2020!

10 queer events you should sashay to in 2020!

Any plans to go on an all queer getaway, but don’t know where to sashay to just yet? FEM to the rescue! We’ll be posting our 10 recommen-gay-tions of the best and biggest LGBTQIA-events in the UK and Europe happening this year. Forget about the big pride events that everyone already knows of, here you’ll find a variety of artsy, kitschy and kinky events that are going to make 2020 a year for the herstory books!  

 1. WHOLE Festival, Gräfenhainichen

There’s no queer festival quite as mysterious as Germany’s WHOLE Festival. Apart from the Facebook event’s description, which reads as ‘a three-day electronic music festival on an astonishing abandoned mining lake’, there’s not much additional info to be found anywhere online. And that’s the thing, WHOLE Festival IS underground, and the organisers are doing everything they can to keep it that way. You can’t even google their website, weird huh? Thank god for social media though, where you can find loads of pics and videos from previous editions, giving away their queertopian and free spirited atmosphere: 

At WHOLE, the central focus lies on high quality techno music, but visitors who get tired of dancing can unwind by the lake under the sun, or enjoy the many queer performances taking place on the terrain. It’s a safe space where there are no rules, except for one: consensual respect. Apart from that, you can dance, grind, kiki and kai kai as much as you want: no censorship here!

WHOLE takes place from 12th of June to 15th of June in Gräfenhainichen. Get all the info here

2. Milkshake Festival, Amsterdam

‘I shake it, I shake it, I shake it, ahhh!’ Once a year, all the queers and queens from The Netherlands (& beyond) come together at the Westerpark in Amsterdam for Milkshake: a two-day festival with more than 7 stages that offer something for everyone. Whether you want to get some hot action in one of its darkrooms, dance all day long in the sun, or just want to enjoy the unique and inclusive atmosphere on the festival terrain, Milkshake has it all. 

Oh, and did we mention that on Sunday there is a stage EXCLUSIVELY for drag? All day long, you can watch one after the other queen perform for their LIFE on the Galore Stage. It’s a true celebration of the artform, hosted by the incredible Lady Galore who’s one of the drag legends of Amsterdam. Okurrrr!

3. Homotopia, Liverpool 

We can’t get enough of queer performance art. That’s why Homotopia deserves a spot in our list as well. Their homepage says it all: ‘Welcome to Homotopia, the UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and culture festival’. First launched in 2004, Homotopia celebrates local, national and international LGBT+ arts and culture. 

Last year’s theme was ‘Resist! Resist!’, which featured, among others, an exhibition of Keith Haring and Amy Lamé in Tate Liverpool. The festival is scheduled in autumn 2020, so a lineup has not yet been announced for this year, but we’re absolutely certain it will hold an impressive list of (drag) performers and exhibitions.


Stay tuned for our next queer getaway tip!